Article: 9 Ways to Tap Into Your Intuition

I came across this interesting article not long ago about intuition, what it is and how to tune into it. I thought this would be a good read for people struggling with anxiety because so many of us start to not trust ourselves. It is the blessing and the curse of anxiety that we are often aware that we are thinking/behaving irrationally - we just can't help ourselves, which is all the more frustrating. But because we are aware of those irrational thoughts and all the self-doubts that come with them, we can start to stop trusting ourselves. At times we question whether a concern or worry is well grounded or whether our anxiety is running amuck again. We lose touch with our intuition.

This article is rather interesting because it highlights recent research documenting the existence and physical basis for intuition, but it also identifies nine things we can do to help ourselves tune into our intuition. A good read for us anxious folks that start to doubt our own powerful intuition.