Article: Tips for People that Love Someone with Anxiety

It can be tough living with anxiety. It's even harder to address our anxiety. But it can also be quite tough for our loved ones. They watch us struggling, sometimes very painfully, and they are largely powerless to help.

If you have a loved one struggling with anxiety or if there is someone in your life that is supporting you through your own anxiety, I urge you both to read this article by Jake Mcspirit. Read it for more details, but I'll quote the highlights:

  1. They are more than just their anxiety.
  2. They can get tired easily.
  3. They can get overwhelmed easily.
  4. They are well aware their anxiety is often irrational.
  5. They can communicate how they feel (you just have to remember to listen).
  6. They don't need someone constantly asking "Are you okay?" while panicking.
  7. They appreciate you sticking by them.
  8. They can find it hard to let it go.
  9. They can find change difficult (even if it's expected).
  10. They aren't always intentionally ignoring you.
  11. They aren't always present.
  12. They don't always see it as a limitation (nor should you).
  13. They are awesome.