Article: Healing Anxiety with Yoga... Seriously

Here is an interesting read about how yoga can actually help you address your anxiety. Now I'll be honest, when I was first addressing my anxiety, I was pretty skeptical about yoga and meditation and all that "hippy dippy" mindfulness stuff. However, I have continued to find more and more articles and scientific studies that support the claim that these types of mental and physical exercises do improve our mental health. On top of that, I've tried them, and they've certainly helped me. That's not to say that you need to do yoga or meditation to address your anxiety, but they might help you.

This article discusses the benefits of a type of yoga built on the concept of interoception, which is a mindfulness of the body itself and the sensations it produces. If you struggle with anxiety, you are probably aware of the strong connection between your physical sensations and your thoughts. Maybe it's a headache or a stomach pain or a tingling in your fingers, but it is quite common for small, normal physical sensations to trigger a cascade of anxious health-related anxiety. However, that mind-body connection works both ways. When you are anxious or just really "stressed out," you might find that you get more headaches or your shoulders or your jaw hurt. Our bodies tense in response to our stress or anxiety. So there can be a real feedback loop because of that mind-body-mind connection. Interoception-based yoga works by helping practitioners become aware of bodily sensations and aware of those mind-body connections. As always, knowledge is power - as we become aware of those connections, we can use that mindfulness to change how we respond mentally to those physical sensations. It's a very interesting corner of mindfulness and anxiety. I definitely recommend you check out the article.