Article: Why an Anxiety Coach

Sometimes people ask me "What is an anxiety coach?" or the somewhat more judgmental version "Why would someone need an anxiety coach?!" The value of any coach, but especially a mental wellness coach was hammered home for me recently when I came across this great article.

The article describes an event in which a young woman had a mental health crisis on an airplane (my personal nightmare by the way!). What could have been a very intense and traumatic experience for her, the flight crew, and the other passengers was diffused by another passenger (the author of the article) who had also experienced and recovered from his own mental health issues earlier in life. The author was able to diffuse the situation by quickly building a personal connection with the young woman based on their shared experienced.

If you've ever witnessed someone experiencing a strong emotional event, there is nothing more helpful than someone else who has been there and made it back. Anxiety and panic attacks are very much an emotional experience. It is possible to face your anxiety by yourself or perhaps with the help of a few family members, or even with help from a doctor or therapist, but I have found that talking with some who has been in that same dark place can make all the difference. If you are interested in talking with an anxiety coach, feel free to reach out through my website.