Video: Ted Talk - Introverts

Take a look at this great Ted Talk by Susan Cain about "The Power of Introverts." According to Ms. Cain, our world today is relatively extroverted and overly social, which exerts a great deal of pressure on introverts to be someone they are not.

This idea of trying to be someone we are not, really hits home for a lot of folks dealing with anxiety as well. Not only do our co-workers, friends, and family expect us to be a certain way or to be able to do certain things, but we put a great deal of pressure on ourselves as well. How often have you told yourself something like "I should be able to do this!" or "What's wrong with me? Why can't I do that?" In addition, in my experience, a lot of people struggling with anxiety or panic attacks, tend to be somewhat introverted. So check out this great Ted Talk and learn a little bit about introversion, how it might relate to anxiety, and how that knowledge might help you create more peace in your own life.