Video: Ted Talk about Schools Crushing Creativity

Check out this Ted Talk by Sir Ken Robinson who discusses how schools are killing creativity. Serious topic, but a very funny presentation. According to Sir Robinson, schools are designed along the very linear path of preparing us for jobs. If it doesn't help us get a traditional job, schools generally don't teach it or foster it. To that end, schools unintentionally but systematically kill our creativity.

This hyper-focus on analytical (vs. creative) thinking also has the unfortunate side effect of leading us to overanalyze or overthink. Us anxious folk already love to find "evidence" of something wrong or dangerous in innocent bodily sensations or comments from a friend/coworker or events in our lives. In short, we love to overthink. Alexia LaFata wrote a great article about that very tendency and about new experiments to counteract that tendency. You can check out my review of that article here, but first, listen in to Sir Ken Robinson.