Article: Antidepressants Linked to Higher Diabetes Risk

I ran across this article discussing a recent scientific study, which found that antidepressants are linked to a higher risk of Type II Diabetes. As noted in the article, since 2011, antidepressants are the third most prescribed group of drugs in the United States. More and more often these drugs are being prescribed for generalized anxiety disorder as well, despite very little evidence of their effectiveness in treating anxiety. What's worse is that their side effects are still not fully understood.

The linked article describes what is called a meta analysis - when scientists comb through hundreds if not thousands of independent scientific papers and piece together what all that independent evidence means. The article notes that while the individual research papers may disagree about the effects of specific drugs, or how the drugs increase the risk of diabetes , or the degree to which that risk may be increased, the end result is clear: antidepressants are linked to a higher risk for developing Type II diabetes. And in fact, several recent (better), larger (also better) studies have been particularly damning.

Given the popularity of these antidepressants, let's hope more information about their usefulness and side effects come to light, so we can all make informed decisions about our mental health.