Article: The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Today I share David Cain's recent Raptitude piece called "How to Make Bad Days Okay." David is a terrific writer and has a talent for putting words to the human experience, usually offering some nugget of insight that can shift your whole perspective.

This recent piece focuses on how simply shifting our perspective can transform a bad day into an okay one. David highlights what almost all of us feel, but most of us never realize, "today" feels like the most important day... ever. It's true, today does often feel huge, the trials and tribulations of today seem so much larger and more stressful than the events of 10 years ago. Remember when we got dumped in high school or failed that final exam in college. No? Neither does anyone else. And yet the challenges of today, which may even be much smaller by comparison, weigh on us terribly - how am I going to run all those errands this morning? What will I do with my kid for that hour this afternoon? When will I have the time to make dinner? Today can be so enormous and heavy sometimes, just filled with those little troubles. And yet in 10 years, we won't even remember that happened. Even the big troubles of today - a sick or dying parent, a troubled kid, losing a job - even these will feel much less significant in 10 years. And yet we feel them so profoundly today.

As David points out, in part perhaps that's because today is the only day we can do anything about, so we focus on our issues of the day to the point where they seem very large. But as David reminds us, if we remember to put today in perspective, the issues of today will seem much smaller. Life is a never-ending procession of crossroads. Despite what we tell ourselves about "the good old days" life has zero straightaways. It's all intersections and decisions and struggles. Today's crossroads is really not that much different than all the others. Remembering that will help us not get so lost as we navigate our lives.