Article: What the Heck is a She-Shed?!

I don't know if this qualifies as an "article," but I recently ran across this (whatever it is) about she-sheds and it made think how helpful a she-shed might be for someone struggling with anxiety or just plain old stress.

What the heck is a she-shed you ask? Well it's a shed that's been converted into a little oasis for Mom to retreat to for a few minutes (or hours) to rest and recover. Men have their "man caves." Kids have their... everywhere. And women need a place too. Man or woman, young or old, everyone needs a place that's theirs that they can retreat to and rejuvenate. Maybe you don't need a she-shed, but think about carving out a place in your house or in your yard that is just yours, and make sure you spend some time there each day.

(If you do want to make a she-shed for yourself, check out this Pinterest board for some inspiration!)