Blog: A Shift in Perspective

When anxiety levels are high, our goal (innocently) sometimes becomes “surviving” or just “getting through” the day, trying our best to keep anxiety at bay instead of addressing it. However, when anxiety becomes prominent enough in our lives to affect the quality of it, there needs to be a shift in perspective. 

When someone breaks his or her hip, it requires physical therapy to build enough strength to get back to “normal.”  In order to heal, there is a perspective shift from doing everything they used to be able to do on a regular day (pre-broken hip) to getting better. This perspective shift gives them the freedom to work at improving their hip, and inevitably fall on their face at times; it’s amazing how much we learn if we’re willing to take a tumble. The same goes with anxiety. Make self-growth and improvement your priority, not surviving the day; the latter gives no room or freedom for trial and error, which is imperative to learning anything new. People always say “it’s like riding a bike” to convey the ease of something, but how many times did you have to fall before riding a bike became at all easy? If you’re anything like me, the answer is A LOT!