Podcast: Guest Appearance on Elite Man Magazine Podcast

I recently appeared in Episode #58 of the Elite Man Magazine Podcast.

I spoke with the host, Justin Stenstrom, about techniques for getting over a panic attack, reshaping your outlook on anxiety, and getting informed about what anxiety really is. A few of the specific topics we touched on are:

  • My personal history with anxiety/panic
  • What changing your perspective on anxiety can do for you
  • Why you won’t die from a panic attack
  • The importance of not fighting the stress, panic, or anxiety, but actually embracing it
  • How moving around can actually help you get rid of the anxiety
  • The power of relaxing the vagus nerve
  • Different relaxation techniques like hypnosis, visualization, deep breathing, etc.
  • Living in the present moment - the place where anxiety can’t exist
  • Resources for learning more about anxiety - knowledge is power!

Follow this link to listen in.