Blog: Do You Know Who You Are?

I thought I knew myself pretty well. I’m terrible at navigating, I hate shopping, and I’d rather break my leg than have to run a 5K. I’m good at listening to people, I love most outdoor activities (apart from running), and have zero self control when a jar of Nutella is within my reach. Yup, I pretty much have myself all figured out… or do I?
I was vacationing in the great state of Vermont this past week and as is typical in New England, the weather went from 85 degrees and sunny on Saturday to 55 degrees and blustery with a miserable driving rain on Sunday. Now I am a fair-weather hiker, or so I always thought. I don’t hike in the rain or the hot sweaty weather or if the stars aren’t aligned just right. However, this past Sunday I just really wanted to hike despite the wet, rainy, windy day. I was pretty shocked because I’m really not one of those people that “dance in the rain." I’m more of a sit-on-the-couch-and-binge-watch-Game-of-Thrones kind of person on a rainy day. Anyway, I just wanted to hike so I went for it and had a pretty great time. And even though there was zero visibility at the top of the mountain, I wasn’t even mad that I did all that work for nothing.

So maybe you're like me and have fallen into the trap of thinking you know everything there is to know about yourself. But maybe your labels aren’t always or entirely accurate. Maybe you’re not worse at handling stress than other people. Maybe you're not an “anxious person.” Maybe the way you respond to a situation is as varied as it is for the next person. So if you notice that you're boxing yourself in with certain labels or definitions, keep in mind... you never know, you may just surprise yourself yet.