Mindfulness Group Coaching Course

You hear us talking quite a bit on the show about mindfulness. Why?

Because mindfulness helps us understand what anxiety is (just an emotion) and how to work with it so we can exit the anxiety cycle and de-condition the anxiety habit. Research has shown that cultivating mindfulness skills re-wires the brain for more emotional resiliency, flexibility and agility… making anxiety feel like more of an occasional passing rain shower and less like a Category 5 hurricane. This course will be using evidence-based knowledge and exercises, mostly from ACT and MBSR, to help you re-wire your brain.

What will this group course look like:

  • Small group (no more than 8), experiencing the same challenge with the same interest in learning new skills

  • Private Facebook group to chat with your peers between our weekly sessions (I’ll pop in occasionally too)

  • A workbook to guide you through each session

  • Different styles of guided meditations and neuroplasticity exercises to practice between sessions

  • Eight 60-minute sessions over consecutive weeks

  • A recording of the group session each week if, for some reason, you can’t make it

Starts June 7th and will be at 11:30 AM EST each Friday for eight (8) consecutive weeks.

Cost $375

Questions? E-mail me at panicandanxietycoach@gmail.com.