I have been a subscriber to your list for a while now.... I just wanted to let you know that I truly love your newsletters and I look forward to reading them every time they come. They seem to bring a big sense of peace when I need them and I always remember what you say... so thank you.
— Jen
I scheduled another appointment with you. I very much enjoyed talking with you.... I have spoken with numerous so called therapists, coaches, etc., and I must say that you are very good at what you do. Both of us know how painful this condition can be so I hope you continue to help cure others as long as you can.
— Richard
Kelli has talked me down from some major anxiety quicksand. More importantly, she has shown me the tools to navigate out of that Neverending Story nightmare by myself (#RIPArtax).
— Erica (www.thebabybroad.com)