I'm here to help you move past stress, anxiety, and panic attacks.


We ALL experience anxiety; it's part of being human.

A few of us experience anxiety as panic attacks, we may even struggle to get out of bed (been there) or leave the house.

Some of us experience anxiety as a shadow that follows us around all day. We feel like we are white-knuckling through life, surviving rather than thriving. Everything has a scary spin to it - staff meetings at work, lunch with friends, or taking a trip.

And many of us experience anxiety more subtly. It is only obvious during seemingly stressful times or big life changes: final exams, sick parents, divorce, a new job, or moving.

We all experience anxiety, but if you feel weighted down, limited, or hijacked by that anxiety, then you've come to the right place. I'm here to help you move past anxiety and toward your innate health and well-being.



We all experience anxiety differently. Learn about the many faces of anxiety and how it may be showing up in your life.

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More than just deep breathing and positive thinking to overcome anxiety.